Dine-in. Take-out. Catering.


Convenient located in the Old University neighborhood,

Lemon Grass has been offering quality authentic

Thai Cuisine experience for more than a decade.

From company lunches to family gatherings
With our same day efficient and reliable service

Order Catering is Easy!

Misconception on Thai food

Not hot and spicy = Not authentic?

Many people think of Thai dishes are mostly hot and spicy,

the fact is that far more are pleasantly mild

--especially at Lemon Grass

we are cooking Bangkok-style. However, we can amp up

the spicy volume on any dish or notch it down to nothing.

The choice is yours!

Gluten-Free, vegan?

Every dish is prepared fresh to order.

We can accommodate to everyone's unique food preferences whether you are on a gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan diets. Many dishes can be made gluten-free with minor modifications. We can prepared vegan dishes into plant-based dishes without sacrificing on taste!

Why Thai?

It's Healthy!

Fresh vegetable and lean protein choices are central ingredients in Thai cooking.

It's Flavorful!

Fragrant lemon grass. Savory fish sauce. Tangy tamarind. Burning bird chilies.

It's Fresh!

All of Lemon Grass' menu offerings are made-in-house, from scratch with no MSG added.

It's Authentic!

When you come to

Lemon Grass, you can expect the real-deal in Thai.